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We design and develop accessories for aesthetics, aerodynamics and overall performance for cars based on the tastes and needs of our clients.

We are constantly striving to improve the aesthetics and quality of our parts which are made of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) by hand under strict quality control.



Claudio Monterrubio & Louis Suberville

“Every empire started as a company, every company as a team and every team as an idea

We are both industrial designers, we both love cars and believe that good quality parts don’t have to be expensive. Together we started this company to follow our dreams doing what we love.

It all started in January 2014 as public demand from people at a MINI specialized forum where they wanted me to do something that had disappeared from the market. A spoiler extension an add-on or kicker for the Mini cooper S R53, so I started at home with a friend of mine to do it by hand, after several attempts the symmetry was off, the kicker had become something i didn’t like and got stuck in the process. Along came Claudio with more knowledge about the different processes that we could take, something much more pro, you know, computer models, CNC machining and such. So we decided to go forward with this idea of ours to do these parts with a price many people could afford with our own design and quality all the way to the box, the instructive, the stickers, etc.

Good quality is not only about how long the product will last, is about how the salesman follows through is about the moment you open the box and how easy is to install and how it fits perfectly on your car, is about knowing that you, our customer can talk to us about any problem you have with our product, our duty is to you and we thank you for the support and believing in us.

Louis Suberville

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